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Tote Bags: A Good Business Starter

Thinking about starting a business as a project creator with fabrics and creating designs selling tote bags could be a good business starter because starting a tote bag business, you have a big gap of consumers with female and even male but mostly the group that will mostly buy in your shop will be a group of female around 15 – 64 years will be your main target in the handbags market. Tote bag is very popular because it has a wide usage depending on how you use it. You can also use exclusive fabrics while making a tote bag to sell.

Knowing where you can buy fabrics that you can use in the process of making a tote bag could be a great first step you should do because you’ll know a lot about the industry that you are entering. You’ll learn how to make various designs that you can put in your tote bag and make it stylish or even simple. Because tote bag can be good for fashion or about functionality. It can suit to some fashion that you want to express like it is good for streetwear and tote bag has great functionality that is a convenient bag for any purpose on why you have them.

Choose a reliable manufacturing company

Choosing a reliable manufacturing company is a great step to enter the handbag making industry because you’ll learn a lot from them and same with them, they’ll learn a lot about the industry that you are entering as well. Both of you can suggest design on what to make, on what handbags are more profitable and saleable to your target consumers. As you make a handbag or tote bag to sell you can also get an exclusive fabric from your manufacturing company that you have chosen, as you make a tote bag to sell, and as for them to get more consumers that they can help with their business. But as you choose a reliable manufacturing company you have to research companies that can help you and know the expertise that you are handling for you to get your business start easily without a sweat.

Draw some designs

As you make a tote bag you also have to draw some designs that you want to put in your tote bag. Of course, sometimes that outer look is also convenient in choosing what type or what kind of handbag should we use as we go out and do shopping or go to parties. But before we can have our prototype for our sample tote bag we have to start from scratch in making design, most designers start in 10 or more about sketches about their designs to know what kind of design should they make, and as you sketch your design you can also have an idea about what your tote bag will look and the materials needed such as what kind of exclusive fabric do you need in the making, you’ll also get an idea about the measurements, functional parts, and other details that you have to know in making a tote bag. After drawing some sketches for your tote bag you have to start developing the pattern so that your 3-dimensional tote bag will become a 2-dimensional tote bag and sell it to your consumers. You can start sewing and assess your vision in real life and sell it to your target consumers.

Determine your product and target audience

As said in the first part mostly your target audience is around 15 – 64 years old of a female group but we can also get some male consumers depending on what product do we can offer to them for them to use and have an either feminine or masculine vibe for them to stick with their perspectives. The product idea that you have in mind could cater to what is your target audience needs and one way to figure it out is to consider the durability and the functionality of your product. You have to research thoroughly about your market for you to have knowledge about it and know your competitors.


In this article, we have learned about how we can start a tote bag shop but sometimes starting a tote bag doesn’t require a physical shop having an online shop is enough and sometimes you can even customize some design for your customer depending on what design do they want and it may also be convenient for you as you use exclusive fabrics in the making.

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