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Stinky Carpets? Check Out These Safe Solutions

We know it sounds strange, but trust us: take a moment to get a whiff of your carpet. It’s easy to forget how carpets can absorb pet and other odors, and keeping them smelling fresh can be a major part of keeping your home ready for holiday guests.

Here, we’ll take a look at a few simple steps you can take to keep your carpets smelling fresh.

  1. Consider spot treatments.

When you (or your child) spills something on the carpet, it’s important to attack the mess as soon as possible. Using a spot steam treatment or a spot spray treatment can help you lift the stain out, making it less likely that it will leave lingering odors behind. If you’re using a new chemical treatment on your carpets for a stain, be sure to test it out in an inconspicuous spot so you can ensure that you don’t leave discoloration behind.

  1. Vacuum regularly.

Dirt, dust, and pet dander can all leave a less-than-fresh scent behind on your carpets. Vacuuming every other day can go a long way in stopping these particles from settling into your carpet. Be sure to clean the filter on your vacuum regularly to keep your vacuum working as efficiently as possible in the fight to keep your home smelling fresh.

  1. Consider washable area rugs.

Cover high-traffic areas with decorative area rugs to make cleaning simple. Feel free to toss a scent booster in the wash with your area rugs if your home could use a burst of freshness. Washing your area rugs once every few months can be super helpful in ridding your home of pet and other odors.

  1. Brush pets regularly.

Head outside with your pet and a brush and do your best to get rid of extra fur (and dander). If you brush your pet regularly, it’s likely that they’ll leave dander behind in your home. Regular baths can also go a long way in keeping your pet clean and fresh so your home smells more like your favorite scent and less like Fido.

  1. Hire the pros.

There’s no reason to try to keep your carpets smelling fresh all on your own. When you work with a professional carpet cleaning service, you’ll be able to chat about the steps you can take and the cleaning services you need to get your carpets smelling clean.

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