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Signs That Will Tell You that You Need Air Conditioner Repair

You may often notice that your air conditioner fails on the day when you need it the most. Often, it is on days with high temperature that an inadequate or outdated air conditioning system is forced to work beyond its limits.

Your family’s comfort and health usually depend on how your air conditioner functions, which can easily be repaired with regular AC maintenance.

If you catch any minor problems before they grow into larger ones, you can save money on expensive AC repair services. In other words, learn the few indications, when you must take up your air conditioner repair or replacement.

1. Warm air

If your home’s vents continue to throw warm air, check your thermostat, make sure it is in cooling mode, and set it lower than the present temperature of your home. If the problem persists, a compressor problem or restricted airflow may be to blame.

2. Insufficient airflow

If you notice poor airflow then most probably your air conditioner has some operational issue or the ductwork must be blocked somewhere due to:

  • A faulty motor
  • Clogged air filters
  • Something even worse

3. Frequent cycles

A reasonable amount of time should pass between cooling cycles in your air conditioner. On the hottest summer days, you could anticipate that your cooling system to operate more frequently, but it shouldn’t continuously cycle on and off.

4. High humidity

In the spring and summer, you can anticipate humid conditions outside. However, that does not imply that you expect high humidity levels indoors. Your air conditioner is capable to control humidity automatically.

5. Water leaks

Your air conditioner uses refrigerant to chill your home, and as it operates, condensation may form. But neither of these toxins need either accumulate or seep into your home.

6. Bad odors

You should address the problem if you notice unpleasant smell and believe your HVAC system is to blame before it becomes worse.

Fortunately, a short diagnostic check will reveal whether your air conditioner only need a tune-up and thorough cleaning, or if a more sophisticated fix is required.

7. Unusual noises

Most air conditioners are relatively quiet when they start up and shut off. But loud, sudden, or odd noises can be an indication of serious problems with your cooling system.

8. The freon leak

This can point to a refrigerant leak. Get in touch with a specialist soon, because freon is toxic. In less severe situations, an obstruction or broken condensate removal tube could cause an excessive amount of moisture.

9. High electric bill

Another indication that your AC system needs to be replaced or fixed is a rapidly rising energy bill.

10. Too old model

Often a too old model often needs repair for some reasons or the other. Besides that, any old model of air conditioner can be too energy inefficient and raise your utility bill.

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