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How to Avoid Being Blackmailed

When confronted with a blackmailer, you have legal rights and options that you should consider. The good news is that there are certain things you can do to put an end to blackmail, however your approach may differ based on your individual circumstances. We’ll go through numerous ways for dealing with a blackmailer or extortionist in the sections that follow this one. In case of any  الابتزاز الإلكتروني, please visit our website.

The Blackmailer Threatens to Make You Public

When dealing with blackmail, sextortion, or revenge porn, it is vital to keep your composure and remain calm. Because the perpetrator is seeking to “rattle” you, blackmail is inherently stressful for the victim. The more your level of terror, the greater the influence the extortionist has over the circumstance. Always keep in mind that you have been the victim of a crime and that you have legal options available to you. Several practical ways for dealing with blackmail will be discussed in the following sections.

Refrain from feeling compelled to participate.

In most cases, the more you communicate with a blackmailer, the more the power and influence they will have over the situation. When it comes down to it, blackmailers may interpret your emotions as an indication of your willingness to cave in to their demands. It’s possible that once they realise this, they’ll become more assertive in their demands. You can visit our website in case of ابتزاز.

Do not attempt to bargain with the other party.

It’s the same reasons you don’t want to negotiate with or pay an extortionist that you don’t want to engage in conversation with them.

The fact that you are negotiating with them or giving in to their demands just gives them more authority, which they will almost likely use to threaten you with even more threats.

Keep all evidence in its original form.

Before you ban a blackmailer, take a screenshot of all of your conversations and any pertinent evidence. Photographing their social media profile picture, as well as any problematic material they provided you with, may be a part of this process. You may preserve vital evidence for free by taking a screenshot with your phone or using the snipping tool on your PC (Ctrl + PrtScr) on your computer. The tools Visualping and Page Vault are also possible solutions if you want a more comprehensive method of document preservation. While some of the material may seem to be embarrassing, it may really be genuine evidence that may be used to support your position in court. By removing critical evidence, you make it significantly more difficult (if not impossible) for law enforcement officers or an attorney to aid you in your case.

Obtain the Assistance of a Reliable Individual

When law enforcement is called in, some cyber extortionists may attempt to make the case that you tampered with evidence in order to get your cooperation. The most straightforward strategy to fending off this claim is to have another trustworthy source (such as a friend or family member) keep documentation of the same kind. This is a fantastic “back-up” strategy that may help you strengthen your case while also potentially contradicting the extortionist’s defences.

Make the necessary changes to your online privacy settings.

Online privacy is important at all times, but it is much more important when dealing with blackmail. Most social networking sites enable you to make your profile “private” and block other people’s profiles, which is a convenient feature. Not only should you increase the privacy settings on all of your social media accounts, but you should also ban the person who is responsible for the breach. Remember to save all relevant evidence before blocking a culprit, since you may lose access to their profile data if you don’t do so.


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