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Commercial Window Shield: Smart Film Installation Project

WASHINGTON — One of the world’s largest commercial service real estate companies has hired Commercial Window Shield for a switchable smart film installation project in the nation’s capital for the U.S. Department of Justice.

Cushman & Wakefield is directing the project for DOJ at the historic Bond Building at 1400 New York Ave. NW. Commercial Window Shield will be installing switchable smart film on three large conference rooms and three DOJ team rooms.

Smart film, also known as switchable film, is installed on interior glass and has an electrical component that is wired to a light switch. When the switch is on, the film remains clear allowing passersby to see inside. When the switch is off the film becomes opaque, blocking views of the interior and turning the glass into a privacy wall.

DOJ officials had been looking at a couple of options for their switchable smart film installation and contacted Commercial Window Shield, which has considerable experience as smart film installers. For the DOJ project, Commercial Window Shield recommended a smart film it had installed last year for Harvey-Cleary, one of the country’s leading general contractors. That project involved installing smart film in a Tysons Corner building occupied by Maximus, a 34,000-employee company that provides administrative and other services to federal government programs. DOJ officials visited Maximus offices and were impressed with the switchable smart film installed by Commercial Window Shield.

The DOJ project, which will begin later this year, is the second window film installation project involving Cushman & Wakefield. Last year, Commercial Window Shield installed solar control window film on a building in which the U.S. Department of Agriculture is the sole tenant. Cushman & Wakefield manages the property and hired Commercial Window Shield for the project.

For more than 40 years, Commercial Window Shield has been one of the country’s leading installers of window films. In addition to solar control and switchable smart film, the company is expert in security, radio frequency [RF], privacy/decorative and anti-bird strike window film installation.

Its projects over the years have included the U.S. Capitol, FBI headquarters, the Pentagon, all House of Representative and Library of Congress buildings, Grand Central Terminal, Merrill Lynch headquarters, the United Nations, the Willis [former Sears] Tower, O’Hare and Seattle international airports, and the Philadelphia and Denver mint

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