Did You Know…

…1,000 People, Over A 20-Day Work Period, Can Track Into Your Facility, Up To 24 Pounds Of Dirt.


…According to The International Sanitary Supply Association (ISSA) the Cost to Capture and Remove One Pound of Soil from your Facility could reach $600.


…75% of the soil in your carpet is dry particulates, made up of abrasive sand, clay, pet dander, dust mites, & pollens.


…Encapsulation Carpet Cleaning involves encapsulating soils in a cleaning agent, and then vacuuming the dried dirt particulates away.*


…Stain Protectants act like colorless dyes, occupying vacant dye sites, allowing fibers to resist both organic, and synthetic staining


…Soil Protectants are polymers that coat the fibers - resisting damage from abrasive sands.


…Thinking Proactively About Your Carpets and Having a Plan in Place to Maintain Them Will Pay off In The Long Run. It Can Literally Mean The Difference In Years Of Extended Carpet Life, And Thousands Of Dollars In Savings.


…To Greatly Reduce the amount of loose dirt from settling into your grout line “gullies” you should replace the cotton dry mop head with a hard surface tool attached to a back-pack vacuum, & the cotton wet mop head with a microfiber wet mop head.


…There Is 350 Linear Feet of Grout Lines in a 10’ X 15’ Bathroom Floor with 12” X 12” Tiles


…You Would Need To Mop Your Bathroom Floors Twice in a Row to Remove 100% of the Bacteria Lingering in the Grout Lines.


…In 2014 Tile, Stone, And Wood Consumed 49% Of Floor Covering Sales And Are The Fastest Growing Installed Surfaces In Offices And Homes.


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